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100 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

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Thanks to Matt Forte for having a very punable name.

Thanks to Matt Forte for having a very punable name.

Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy football is about having fun, and one of the most fun parts of the game is naming your team. While it is always best to come up with an original name of your own—preferably one that takes a jab at another team in the league!—I have put together a list of 100 names for those of you who need a little help. Use one directly from the list, or better yet, use the list to spur your own creativity.

While having the best team name won't win you any games (except maybe the team name Bye Week to trick your opponents into thinking they don't have a game that week), there is a lot of respect up for grabs. Don't be that guy or girl who doesn't change their team name from the generic one given to them. And definitely don't be the lazy fantasy team owner who just uses their own real name as their team name. But whatever you do, do not, under any circumstances, change your team name during the middle of the season! If you do, you're just asking for a season-ending injury to your star player. The Madden Curse may not be real, but the curse of changing your fantasy football team name in the middle of the season definitely is. Plus, it's just plain bad etiquette. You may not be able to control how well your players play on the field, but you can control how awesome your team name is.

Disclaimer: Some team names "may be" (read: "are") not politically correct. If you are easily offended, then skip this list.

Be sure to share your favorites in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

The League would approve.

The League would approve.

List of 100 Fantasy Football Team Names

  1. A Dingo Ate My Brady
  2. A-A-Ron
  3. Adrian BeaterSon
  4. Along Came Collie
  5. Beats by Ray (Rice)
  6. Belicheck Yourself Before You Rex Yourself
  7. Bjoern to Be Wild
  8. Brady Gaga
  9. Breesus Saves
  10. Cecil Jorts
  11. Colinkaeperpick
  12. Corn on the Kolb
  13. Corn on the Schaub
  14. Cruz Control
  15. Cry Me a Rivers
  16. DeMarco Polo
  17. Dezed Anf Confused
  18. Do the Sankey Leg
  19. Ertz Wind and Fire
  20. Every Day I’m Russell’n
  21. Favre Dollar Footlong
  22. Flaccoroni and Cheese
  23. Fleener-Schnitzel
  24. Forgetting Brandon Marshall
  25. Forte Shades of Grey
  26. Forte Year-Old Virgin
  27. Forte-Yard Dash
  28. Foster: Australian for Touchdown
  29. Garcon Daly
  30. Geno 911
  31. Ghostface Pitta
  32. Graham Crackers
  33. Henne Given Sunday
  34. Here’s My Number Call Me Brady
  35. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cutler
  36. I Have a Few Pryors
  37. I Pitta the Fool
  38. I’m Sorry Fred Jackson
  39. InGorious Staffords
  40. Insane Clowney Posse
  41. InstaJimmyGraham
  42. Is That Your Final Ansah?
  43. It Ertz When Eifert
  44. Joe Buck Yourself
  45. Johnny Backup
  46. Johnny Clipboard
  47. Johnny Foosball
  48. Kings of the Cassel
  49. Lacy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  50. Ladies and Edelman
  51. Lafell on My Johnson
  52. Le’Veon on a Prayer
  53. Luck Dynasty
  54. Megatron’s Johnson
  55. Mendenhally Rasharded
  56. Morning Woodhead
  57. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
  58. My Richardson Is Pitching a Trent
  59. No Game This Week / Bye Week
  60. Not My Forte
  61. Orton Hears a Who
  62. Over Dwayne Bowe (Over the Rainbow)
  63. Plaxidental Shooting
  64. Red Hot Julius Peppers
  65. Revis and Butthead
  66. RG3PO
  67. Rice Rice Baby
  68. Rodgers That
  69. Romophobic
  70. Scoregasm
  71. Show Me Your TDs
  72. Sproles Royce
  73. Storm My Cassell
  74. Suh Girls One Cup
  75. Suh Kids on the Block
  76. Taking You to the Woodhead
  77. Taste the Dwaynebowe
  78. Tebows Before Hoes
  79. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
  80. Teenage Newton Ninja Bortles
  81. Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles
  82. Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi
  83. The Book of Eli
  84. The Forte Forte Club
  85. The Garden of Weeden
  86. Thrift Schaub
  87. Too Legit to Britt
  88. Touch My Percy and I’ll Suh
  89. Turn Down for Watt
  90. Turn McCown for Watt?
  91. Victorious Secret
  92. Weeden Wayne Bowe (Reading Rainbow)
  93. Welker Denver Ranger
  94. What Would Jones-Drew
  95. What You Talkin’ Bout Hillis
  96. When in Romo . . .
  97. White Cassel
  98. Who Framed Rodgers Rabbit?
  99. You Are Ngata Father
  100. You Da Manning

There you have it, 100 fantasy football team names. Now go forth with confidence that you will have the best team name in your league, even if you don't have the best roster. Hey, you win some, you lose some.

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