10 Race Tracks Every Horse Racing Fan Should Visit

Updated on March 25, 2019
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I'm a race track aficionado. Santa Anita was the first track I ever visited, and it's still my favorite.

If you spend your time playing the races at some stuffy OTB, or at home with TVG on the tube, then you're missing out on the greatness of the thoroughbred racing experience. Every horse racing fan should visit the great race tracks to soak up the ambiance, feel the crowd's adrenaline, and see the beautiful and magnificent thoroughbred horses up close and in person. Below, I've listed ten horse racing tracks that everyone who loves the sport of kings should visit at least once in their lives. And preferably much more than just once.

1. Santa Anita Park

Ah, the Great Race Place. Santa Anita Park was the first track I ever visited, and it's still my favorite. Nothing can beat the majestic backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains, and there's no more beautiful or better designed paddock in the country. Even on a slow Friday the track still gets enough visitors to make it feel alive and happening, and there's no track in the country that handles large crowds any better. Getting in and out is a breeze even when there are 40,000 people packing the place, as still does happen on occasion.

2. Saratoga Racecourse

A gorgeous historic racetrack in a racing-mad city packed with horse racing fans. What could be better? A trip to The Spa is like a trip back in time, and something every racing fan should do at least once in their lives. Saratoga can be hot and humid in August, but who cares? A muggy day in Saratoga is better than a perfect day anywhere else. Saratoga has a country fair atmosphere that makes it the most family-friendly of tracks. Be sure to visit the Horse Racing Hall of fame located just across Union Avenue from the race track.

3. Keeneland Race Course

There's something magical about Keeneland. From the well-manicured grounds to the lovely stone club house, there's an understated elegance to the place that makes you feel like you're somewhere very special. The racing is always top-notch, and big daily crowds make for a fun and lively atmosphere. My only complaint is that it's sometimes too crowded, making it hard to get a look at the horses in the beautiful paddock and walking ring. The spring meet is a fun time to visit because everyone has Derby fever, but the weather is typically better during the fall meet.

4. The Del Mar Race Track

Don't you just love it when they play Bing Crosby's "When the Surf Meets the Turf" at the start of every day's racing at the Del Mar Race Track ? It's a fantastic track just a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean, with big crowds and six day a week racing that's as good as California horse racing gets these days. Make an effort to go on opening day, when all the Southern California ladies dress up and show it off for the boys.

5. Churchill Downs

Personally, I hate huge crowds, so I never have and never will visit Churchill Downs on Derby day, but how can any horse racing fan pass up the chance to visit the home of the Kentucky Derby. Sadly, the famous twin spires have been somewhat eclipsed by grand new construction, but it's still a thrill to see them as you pull into the parking lot. Churchill is very much a neighborhood race track, and that gives it a friendly, urban vibe. If you time your trip right, you can hit up both Churchill and Keeneland in the same week, since their meets are contiguous and they're only an hour and a half drive from each other. Be sure to visit the Kentucky Derby museum while you're at Churchill - lots of cool memories and memorabilia.

6. Monmouth Park

"The Shore" is a very cool historic race track situated near the Atlantic in the wilds of suburban New Jersey. The racing at Monmouth Park isn't quite major league, but there still lots of good stakes action during the long summer meet. Weather can be hot and humid, so dress accordingly.

7. Ruidoso Downs

Quarter horse racing, anyone? New Mexico's Ruidoso Downs is a Mecca for the Quarter horse set, and a great place to visit even if you're more interested in the thoroughbreds. The beautiful mountain setting has a magic feel to it, and the racing is quite good, too, including the All American Futurity with a purse of more than $2 million.

8. Arlington Park

Located in suburban Chicago, the Arlington Park grandstand, which was rebuilt after a 1985 fire, is probably the nicest of any race track in America. The summer racing isn't on a par with Del Mar or Saratoga, but the fields are full and a good turf course and one mile chute on the dirt track make for interesting racing. Reserve a table in the Million Room, a nice restaurant with a killer view of the track. It's a perfect place to settle down for the day, and the cost is very reasonable.

9. Belmont Park

The grand old lady may be a little down on her luck, but she's still got what it takes. Sure, it's a little sad to see such a magnificent track with only a few thousand people rattling around the cavernous grandstand, but on a beautiful autumn day, there are few better places to be. Even Belmont Stakes day is a good time to go for a crowd-phobe like me, at least if no horse is going for the Triple Crown, since Belmont can easily accommodate 50,000 people with room to spare. Visit now, before it gets turned into a shopping mall.

10. Oaklawn Park

A great little track in the resort town of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Oaklawn Park has a nice glass-encased grandstand with (ugh) slot-type machines inside. Lot's to see and do in the surrounding area. Very decent quality day to day racing, but plan your trip during the Racing Festival of the South, with lots of good stakes races on tap, including the Kentucky Derby prep race Oaklawn Derby. My only compliant is the lack of a turf course. What's up with that?

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      • profile image

        Glen bratcher 

        5 weeks ago

        What the red mile?

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        Aqueduct Park is the place you have to see. Pissing on the door. The smell of marijuana everywhere. Security no where to be seen. Etc. Etc etc. Trust me shen i say, you will never forget the experience.

      • profile image

        Joe Nixon 

        3 months ago

        Gulfstream a surprising.omission

      • profile image

        Lance guranovich 

        4 months ago

        How does anyone feel about hialeah? I saw forego beat true knight in the widener in 1974 and i was really impressed with the track. Tanforan was a west coast version of churchill

      • profile image


        6 months ago

        Iv been to most tracks on the west coast.Longacers in washington was my fav.To bad they closed it years ago.

      • profile image


        17 months ago

        I always figured that there's no turf course at Oaklawn because they only race in the winter -- not a good time for grass.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Has anyone been to the old Dueling Grounds, now Kentucky Downs?

      • profile image

        Joe B 

        2 years ago

        Nice List. Been to 8 of them. Missing Ruidoso Downs and Oaklawn Park. Some comments: Delaware Park is a beautiful track. Racing is not so good there and they've cut their meet down but still one of those throwback tracks. Trying to take in as many tracks as I can these days before most of them go out of business. Monmouth Park is my home track and as you've said one of the top ones in the country. Unfortunately if it doesn't get sports betting it's future is in doubt. Keep up the good work.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        I really want to visit some of these

      • profile image

        robert cruice 

        2 years ago

        a great race place should have a park/picnik area adjacent to the grandstand with trees barbiques benches etc. so a day at the races can be a family day out too that used to be delaware park haven't been theree in over 65 years hope it hasn't changed at all.

      • profile image

        Dennis Trujillo 

        2 years ago

        Santa Rosa,CA. Great fair meet and there is so much to see and experience that are close by. Russian River, Napa Valley, and the people there are awesome host. Yes, I know it's not a main circuit place, but it should be with Bay Meadows gone. I plan to go East to check it Out.

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Its FONNER time!

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        On a business trip to Chile, I had the chance to visit Club Hipico de Santiago. Built in 1869. Amazing place. With image googling it.....

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        The slot-type machines at Oaklawn are not in the glass enclosed grandstand. They are in the casino which is separate but attached.

      • jericho911 profile image

        Kenneth Claude 

        6 years ago from Ohio

        Remington Park is very beautiful. It's been a long time since I was there, but on the day I passed through, the ex-49ers quarterback Steve Young was there. I can't remember the reason why, though. It was around 1994 or so ! Great article !

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        The major KY derby prep at Oaklawn is the $1million Arkansas Derby, not Oaklawn Derby.

      • profile image


        8 years ago

        JCL,what ever happened to Kenny Church? He was one of the great riders at Arlington when we were there.And there off.

      • profile image

        Richard Reese 

        8 years ago

        I have to agree with your number one listing of Santa Anita Race Track. I've been to all of the tracks on the West Coast and Santa Anita is the most beautiful. I hope to visit Keeneland and Belmont in the near future. Thanks for the great list.

      • kingis profile image

        Patrick King 

        9 years ago from Springfield, IL

        Although it has been years since I last was there, Arlington is a great track. Some good races especially the Million are run there. I am surprised you did not include Meadowlands in New Jersey. It is a great track for harness racing with plenty of history.

      • Racing Saturday profile image

        Racing Saturday 

        9 years ago


        Great list!! The only thing I would add is that Arlington (yes I'm a little biased) has the top Turf course in North America. The Arlington Million in August is a very wonderful time of the year.

        Have fun. Here's to your racing luck!!


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