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Cheryl Nunez

A lifelong learner of all things with a rapacious curiosity. I have devoted most of my life to horses, their sanity and soundness, competing them and teaching others to love and respect them.

Most of my background is classical and European. I have written for British Horse Society, Western Rider, and other equine magazines.

Currently, I have become a driver of one pony and two miniature horses. We compete in a sport called "Combined Driving" which is kind of a take off of my previous sport, combined training, or eventing. I am the editor of our statewide group's newsletter, an avid competitor in our group's ADT competitions, and hopefully hope to take my pony across state lines to compete in AZ, CA and NM next year. I also compete in local mini and pleasure driving, and take all three horses out "down the road."

The horses I like best to write about are school horses. They ask so little and give us so much!

I hope you enjoy the stories!