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Ehren E Grunewald


I am a 6th generation New Orleanian, misplaced in North Carolina since early childhood. My career aspirations lie in the fields of movement (primarily dance and martial arts, but I will dabble in anything), fitness, music, and hotel management. My ultimate goal is to live and work in my hometown of New Orleans in these pursuits.

My interests can be divided into three categories: major, secondary, and minor. The following are a list of my passions encompassing these categories to give you an idea of what sort of content you might expect to see from me.

Major Interests

I have studied ballet (with pointe), jazz, modern, lyrical, tap, and contemporary. I danced in a pre-professional program at my local studio for a while, and once had aspirations to start my own company but perfectionism got in the way! Right now, I am starting to get back into it to possibly pursue some video and freelance performance work.

Martial arts (songahm taekwondo, wushu) is probably the sport I pursue the most seriously, however, I also dabble in diving, rhythmic gymnastics, and calisthenics.

I currently dabble in piano, guitar, and singing, and have aspirations to get into music publishing, sales, and investing like my New Orleans ancestors. I love all music, but am an especially huge fan of Garth Brooks, Meat Loaf, German composers, and symphonic heavy metal. I do not listen to much (present-day) mainstream pop.

New Orleans
My great-great-great grandparents came to New Orleans from Germany in the 1840's and 1850's. Because several my relatives were somewhat movers and shakers in the city's history, I bring a unique perspective to my presentations of both its history as well as its status quo.

Secondary Intererests

NASA Spaceflight
It all started with a Sally Ride phase during college, however, learning that my parents met at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi and that my dad worked on the space shuttle's fuel tank at Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans during the early days of the program expanded my interest into NASA history in general. An admiration for astronaut Dick Scobee was also a factor.