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L.M. Hosler

Writing has been a hobby of mine for years. The problem has always been finding time it takes to develope it into more than a hobby. But I think now is the time for me to work seriously as a writer. HubPages is a great place for learning and developing writing skills.

Although I have no formal education in writing, I do have many hobbies and interests that I read about, research and write about. Some of my hobbies are reading, writing, crafts, (especially quilting). I have always been interested in finances and I do have a lot of experience in frugal living.

I have worked at many jobs such as waitressing, taking care of the elderly, tax preparation, cooking.

I am a mother of three sons and the grandmother of seven grandkids who are the joy of my life. I am still working so my time is limited for writing. I would love to do this full time and maybe sometime in the future I can do that. For right now, I have the need to eat and keep a dry roof overhead.

I like to write book reviews of books I have enjoyed reading. That makes reading pay, I hope. I also like to write about historical events and people, simply because I love history. I have a great interest in English kings and queens. I have a wide variety of other interests, so I may write on many topics. I may read something that grabs my interest so I start researching and learning. I am always telling people that if I don't know something I will have to look it up. So I am never sure just what I may write about.

I hope that some of you will enjoy some of my work as I will enjoy many of your articles. I would also like to add that I welcome any advice or critizism on my articles.