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Joseph Howard

I'm Joseph, but everyone's called me Jay since I can remember, and don't worry, I give you full permission to refer to me as either. You seem nice enough. Currently, I am finishing up graduate school at Western Kentucky University where I study English with an emphasis in Romanticism. No, not that kind of romantic (I usually do Dutch on dates).

I bartend every night at a local fine dining restaurant here in Bowling Green to help pay the bills, but I hope to pursue a career where I can write while not living out of a box. I at least want a box with a deck. The little "a" on my picture over there indicates that I am participating in the Hubpages Apprenticeship Program, so like it or not, you will hear from me, like, a lot.

I played baseball all through high school and college, so you will notice a trend of hubs focused on baseball and sports, in general. I also tend to write on a particularly broad scope of topics ranging from canonical literature, comic books, fitness, and music. I even mix in hubs completely devoted to nonsensical babble (because I can).

You can follow me on Twitter, too, because I heard that's what all the cool kids are into nowadays.