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Gavin Hart

I have had a passion for writing almost as long as my passion for video games. Which came first, the controller or the pen?

My earliest memories include stapling A4 papers together to make books to write on, and playing Super Mario on the NES with my brother. Since that time, I have graduated university with a degree in Creative Writing & Sociology (we don't talk about that last part) and graduated my gaming onto PCs, PS4 and Switch. Now I play a huge variety of game genres, platforms and styles, from indie to AAA, from 2 hour experiences to 50 hour marathons, from RTS to FPS to RPG and every three letter acronym in-between.

I'm also an avid wrestling fan (and one of the rare ones willing to admit it), and never quite let go of my fascination with that crazy world from the first time I saw a Stone Cold Stunner. It's more AEW and NXT these days, and I run a blog about re-watching the early 90's classics- but whatever the show, there's rarely a day goes by where there isn't a four-sided ring on one of my screens.

One day I'd love to write about these things for more than just enjoyment, but until that time I hope to entertain you with my takes on our wonderful shared hobbies.