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Doc Wordinger

Doc Wordinger lives and works in central Manchester, a city that is lavish in turning over inspiration to the writer and artist.

He has a fondess for golf, poker, fine literature, art and film.

"What would Ray Mears do?" is a question that is never far from Doc's mind whenever he leaves the city for rugged terrain and fresh air. The Great Outdoors and travel are integral to his sense of fulfillment.

Doc Wordinger is interested in politics. At times he takes life too seriously, other times not seriously enough. He can never find the right balance.


Poker is one my favourite games. It is actually a microcosm of Western capitalism - a system that is both functional and deeply flawed. But analogies aside, when poker is played and studied properly, it is not only financially rewarding but also great for developing practical skills and instincts. I'm only an occasional low stakes player, but I've acquired a reasonably extensive knowledge of the game, Hold'em in particular. If poker interests you, have a look at my poker hubs:

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