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Dr Brad Kayden

From standing in long lines. To waiting and then more waiting. Bored are the children. As parents watch, the eagerly want for their children to do well but see them struggling to follow along. They become anxious. Afterwards, they will feel the need to apologize to coaches for what they've deem as their children's poor behavior.

Coaches, meanwhile, are more frustrated than not. They blame themselves. They will even go as far as to blame the children for their underachievement and poor coaching outcomes. It is the all too common perpetuating cycle children (birth to age 5) face inside the early learning sports development process.

After watching too many of these scenes play out, I said, there has to be a better way.

The unfortunate reality is there could be two no more unlike things than young children and competitive sports. Young children's natural unsportsmanlike nature combined with sports' traditional intolerance for unsportsmanlike behavior makes young children unfit for sports.

The lack of accomodation for young children's unsportsmanlike nature in sports has long been a problem. In 2006, I began on a journey to do something about it.

Through formal research, the establishment of early learning coach trainings and formal practice and the redefining of sports' terminologies, I began reimagining sports for young children. Through the helpful additions of music, characters, animation and specialized training aids, I was able to introduce what I called the Jelly Bean Way.

The Jelly Bean Way is a foundation upon which to discover the introductory sports process. If you are new to sports or new to parenting and want to know how sports works for young children, this is a good place to start.

My "voice" in this hub speaks to early learning sports development. I provide contemporary, classroom proven early learning sports development tips, strategies and techniques. It often flies directly in the face of other more assumptive advice from lesser experienced practitioners in the way of working, as I do, exclusively with early learners.


Upon exiting the Navy in 2003 as a Law Enforcement Officer, I went to the University of Oklahoma - Norman. In 2005 complete my Masters in Human Relations with an emphasis in Training and Development.

Afterwards, I relocated to Chicago where I began my Educational Doctorate program at Argosy University. I would graduate in 2013.

I worked full-time in higher education and part-time with parks and recreation. It would be in parks and rec where I had trouble seeing the sports process for young children. Leading change within this process was a theme inspired by my education. I recognized sports for early learners was broken and there was definitely room for it to grow. The challenge was set.

In 2009, I founded Chicago-based Coach Pickles' Jelly Bean Sports, an early learning sports instruction, production and research company.

I have worked exclusively with 1000's of early learners, ages 18 months to 7 years. Essentially, a Sesame Street for sports, Jelly Bean Sports embodies the cornerstones of my groundbreaking doctoral research on early learning sports development. The first of its kind in sports research, it details the science behind how sports are kept simple, learning made fun.


In these hubs, I will share with you our animation, sports language and many of the new and effective ways I have broken down how to coaching early learners in sports.

I currently live and work between Atlanta and Chicago. I am open to considering partnerships and collaborations. Don't be afraid to reach out.

Thanks for reading a little more about me. Please feel free to leave your comments, I love feedback. Have a great day and much success in your early learning sports endeavors.


Dr. Brad (a.k.a. Coach Pickles)