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Bill Sego

I was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1972 and have lived in Logan all my life.  I attended college at Ohio University and Hocking College.  I'm happily married to my wife Candy and we have 5 children between the two of us.  We currently run a thrift store here in town and have been selling full time on ebay for the past 11 years.  I have been working on my book, "Universal Logic: A Quest for the Ultimate Meaning of Life," for the past 5 years and it is currently available on Amazon as an e-book.  Main category for the publication is Science/Philosophy and it is a book that utilizes scientific, philosophical, paranormal, and religious insights to help answer life's most compelling questions.  Topics covered include everything from the microscopic to the macroscopic: astronomy, cosmology, theoretical physics, relativity, religion, time, consciousness, artificial intelligence, UFOs, and much more!  I guarantee it will change the way you view the world and existence, and will also change how you interact and get along with people of various beliefs and ways of life.